the friendly wine club

Here at Wineplayground, we think that we have the best wine club in the world.

Why? Because it’s simple. Not only is it simple, we have kept it affordable.


Four times a year (every quarter) you will receive an allocation of 3 bottles of wine delivered to your door (it is also possible to pick up your wine at our beautiful tasting room in the heart of the Napa Valley).


  1. As a club member you get 20% off throughout the year on your non club wine purchases

  2. When your order ships, we will send out an email with tech sheets and winemaker notes. 

  3. We allow you to change out wines up to a week in advance (extra charge may be incurred).

  4. Members will get the first access to limited wines that will only be available to club members and at the tasting room.

You will receive a mix of our Fiftyrow and Smokescreen wines. Simple!   



$96-$130 for pickup

$116-$150 for shipped

price will vary depending on mix of wines.


Cancel at any time.  


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