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1.5 liter Magnum

only 60 Magnums produced

"This is 100% Petite Sirah and deliciousness in a bottle.  The 2018 Fifty Row Petite Sirah Silver Dollar Vineyard wine has a very unique crushed velvet color in the glass.  

The blackberry cobbler, cocoa powder, menthol and spring flower bouquet aromas jump from the glass.  You get powerful, consistent black and juicy fruits in the mouth with mint towards the finish.

This is one of those fist-clenching wines that we talk about. While this young wine is approachable now, some time in the decanter will help soften the obvious tannin if that is your thing.  


If you want to warm the gullet with a memorable Petite Sirah, you would be remiss to find one better.  We think you can lay this wine down in your cellar for a decade before you'll truly appreciate all that this wine has to show you. This is just a beautiful effort and one that we will add to our "favorite" column." Jeff Lawson, Drink The Bottles

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